My Ibotta Obsession

If you’re one of my five regular readers (Hi, Mom!), you’ve probably noticed that there’s no real agenda or theme to this blog. If I had to nail it down, I guess the theme would be “Stuff I Like and Think About.” Sometimes that stuff is pretty deep (see my last post if that’s what you’re looking for) and other times, well, NOT. This is one of the NOT posts.

OK, on to my latest obsession: Ibotta (which sounds like “I bought a”–get it?). Basically, Ibotta is an app that gives you rebates, in the form of gift cards or a PayPal or Venmo deposit, for groceries and other various items. You pre-select rebates for items you intend to purchase, then verify your purchases, and get credit on the app within minutes typically. All you need is a smart phone. I know there are other apps with similar objectives (which I intend to look into one of these days), but Ibotta is so simple that it’s my go-to for now.

Some rebates are store specific, but many are available at multiple stores. (Be sure to check before you purchase.) To “unlock” rebates, you typically have to answer a question or watch a very short video (15-30 seconds). You’re supposed to do this before you shop–which I usually do at home on my PC–but I’ve unlocked rebates while shopping and never had a problem redeeming them. Another great feature on the app is the ability to scan a product bar code in the store to confirm that the item matches the rebate–avoiding the frustration of being denied later.

When you get home from shopping, simply click “verify purchases” and the app will lead you through the process of scanning bar codes of eligible products. Then you snap a quick pic of your receipt and within minutes your rebates are verified and credited to your account. When you reach a certain dollar amount ($20 for PayPal or Venmo; $25 for a gift card), you can transfer funds or purchase cards.

Ibotta is an especially useful app if you’re a Walmart grocery shopper (I’m not), but I do pretty well with Publix and Kroger too. There are also bonuses for specific products or for verifying a certain number of purchases. You can also add teammates to help multiply your bonus potential. (More on that below.)

Part of the fun of Ibotta is that you can watch your savings accrue. Even though I could have “cashed out” long ago, I’m letting my savings build up so I can use my PalPal cash for something fun!

Right now, I’m pretty much going solo on Ibotta. have a few teammates who’ve signed on, but they haven’t started actually using the app. So I could use some actual shoppers so we can help boost each other’s savings. When you use my link, you will get a $10 bonus when you verify your first purchase–that’s halfway toward a PayPal deposit. (FYI, I made it to $20 with just three shopping trips–and I wasn’t even trying very hard!) So, if you’re ready to save digitally with little effort and absolutely nothing to lose, click here to share in my Ibotta obsession.



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